The Barangay Officials,DILG,Sangguniang Bayan Members of Pilar together with Mayor Charlie Pizarro were also present in the awarding of the certificate.
Municipality of Pilar together with DENR- Bataan supports the BATTLE FOR MANILA BAY.
Launching of Disiplina Muna Advocacy Campaign at Municipality of Pilar, Bataan

Licensing Division


Securing Business License and Mayor’s Permit


All enterprises within the territorial jurisdiction of Pilar are required to secure Business License and Mayor’s Permit and pay business taxes prior to commercial operation.

For existing businesses/enterprises, the license must be renewed on or before January 20 of every year. Penalties and surcharges are imposed after the period aforementioned.

Business taxes for newly started business are computed based on its capitalization while business taxes for those applying for renewal are computed based on their gross receipts/sales.

It takes a maximum of 2 days to process new applications which includes the required inspections and clearances from various offices and government agencies.

Renewal of license may take 30 minutes to 1½ hours depending on the results of verification made by the Licensing Division. Verification determines whether an applicant still has to secure clearances from various offices (building, zoning, fire, and/or sanitary). Processing of licenses for these applicants will take approximately 1½ hours.


  • Barangay Clearance
  • Community Tax Certificate
  • DTI or SEC Registration
  • Medical Certificate (for food handlers and Guest Relation Officers)
  • Environment Compliance Certificate (for newly constructed business and poultry/piggery owners)
  • Certificate of Bacteriologist (for water refilling stations)
  • 1 pc. Picture (1x1)
  • Income Statement (for renewal of license/permit)
  • Sanitary Permit
  • Fire Inspection Permit

Please refer to the Municipal Revenue Code.


Retiring a Business License


Enterprises that have closed or ceased to exist, or whose ownership has changed, must inform and surrender the required documents with the Licensing Division.

This should be done to update the municipal government's records and to avoid accumulation of taxes and penalties.


  1. Previous Business License and Mayor’s Permit
  2. Barangay Certification for Closure of Business
  3. Affidavit of Closure (duly notarized)

4. Pay Retirement Fee and unsettled tax obligation (if so)

FEES: None

Securing Special Permit on All Advertising and Promotional Activities


Promotion and advertisement of group, corporation and other entities using billboards, streamers, posters, tarpaulin and other similar materials need to apply permit from the Mayor’s Office before posting or installing the material.


  • Application Form
  • Advertising and Promotional Materials (Posters, Streamers, etc.)


  • Posting/Hanging of Streamers/Posters


Securing Special Permit to Conduct Motorcade, Parade, Procession, Circus, Group Activities (Conferences, Meetings, Rallies/Demonstrations, Dances, Coronation and Ball, Promotional Sales, Other Group Activities), Concerts, and Fund-Raising Activities


Corporations, groups/organizations, and other entities that wish to stage a motorcade, parade, procession, concerts, or fund-raising activities around or within the municipality are required to get a permit from the Municipal Mayor prior to the scheduled activity.  This ensures coordination and orderly traffic management during the activity.

Application for special permit must be made 1 week prior to the conduct of such activities.


  • Application Form


  • Motorcade/Parade/Procession/Circus P100.00/day
  • Group Activities/Concerts/Fund-Raising Activities P500.00/day


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