The Barangay Officials,DILG,Sangguniang Bayan Members of Pilar together with Mayor Charlie Pizarro were also present in the awarding of the certificate.
Municipality of Pilar together with DENR- Bataan supports the BATTLE FOR MANILA BAY.
Launching of Disiplina Muna Advocacy Campaign at Municipality of Pilar, Bataan

Office of the Municipal Social Welfare and Development



The Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office (MSWDO) is the government’s primary welfare agency responsible for uplifting the living conditions and improving the quality of life of the poorest sector of the population through its various programs and services designed to enable them to become self-reliant and contribute to national development.

Issuance of IDs


  • For Senior Citizens
    • 2 pieces (1x1) ID picture
    • Affidavit of loss and payment of fine of P100.00, re-issuance for lost ID
  • For Differently-Abled Persons
  • 2 pieces whole body picture


3. For PAG-ASA Youth Association of the Philippines (PYAP)

  • 1 piece (1X1) ID picture


Issuance of MSWDO Certificate of Indigency

For Provincial
(Congressman Tet Garcia or Provincial Governor Abet Garcia Fund)


  • Certificate of Indigency from the Punong Barangay
  • Medical Certificate/Abstract
  • Personal Letter address to Congressman Tet Garcia or Gov. Abet Garcia
  • Birth Certificate (if patient is child)
  • Marriage Certificate (if patient is spouse)
  • Community Tax Certificate
  • Hospital Bill, if confined in a hospital
  • Prescription


Municipal Indigent Fund (Mayor Alicia D. Pizarro, Vice-Mayor Marino H. Caguimbal, all Sangguniang Bayan Members and Barangay Fund)


  • Certificate of Indigent from the Punong Barangay
  • Medical Certificate (optional)
  • Receipts or Doctor’s prescription (optional)


Referral for medical attention or assistance (PCSO, Heart Center, Lung Center, and other hospitals)


  • Certificate of Indigent from the Punong Barangay
  • Medical Abstract
  • Hospital Bill


Day Care Services
(Enroll 3-4 years old children in the nearest Day Care Center)


  • Photocopy of Birth Certificate of the child
  • Photocopy of yellow card and Health Record of the child


Referral Services
(CICL, VAWC, Street Children and other Court-Related)


  • Medico legal as the child or women is abused.





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