Municipal Population Office

Pre-Marriage Counseling (PMC)


Pre-marriage Counseling plays a major role for dissemination of accurate and vital information on Health and Responsible Parenthood to prospective parents or couples to be.

In counseling, the Municipal Population Office, stresses the importance of marriage because it is the initial step in the formation of families. Marriage is a lifetime career and vocation and there is no course that teaches the how to’s of married life.

Couples or clients are likewise motivated for family planning method acceptance, thus, helping in the reduction of population growth rate.

Pre-marriage counseling is a requisite in applying for marriage license.


  • Every Thursday – 8:00AM to 12:00NN
  • Distribution of Pre-marriage Information Sheet and filling-up of RP-FP Profiles – every Thursday, before 9:00AM


  • P150.00 (already included in the fees being paid in applying for marriage license)