The Barangay Officials,DILG,Sangguniang Bayan Members of Pilar together with Mayor Charlie Pizarro were also present in the awarding of the certificate.
Municipality of Pilar together with DENR- Bataan supports the BATTLE FOR MANILA BAY.
Launching of Disiplina Muna Advocacy Campaign at Municipality of Pilar, Bataan
263rd Bataan Foundation Day. Congratulations Municipality of Pilar. Street Dancing Competition Champion.

Nagwaling Elementary School



Early morning of May 19, the district of Pilar held a parade that signalled the start of Brigada Eskwela. After the parade a short program followed. The presence of different groups’ of volunteers was acknowledged. Short orientation about the mechanics of the 6-day activity was given by the very approachable and kind hearted PSDS of Pilar, Dr. Jeolfa G Reyes Finally the opening of the Brigada Eskwela was announced.

The willing, ready and able brigade included zealous teachers, enthusiastic parents, excited students, and other concern people of the community. These people grouped themselves and helped in different activities. Some patched the linking roofs, cleaned the schools surroundings, trimmed and cut grasses and branches of trees, other groups painted chairs and changed doorknobs. Some swept and cleaned the school yard and burned the dry leaves. Still others helped teachers fix their classrooms.

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