Office of the Sangguniang Bayan of Pilar: Planning and Enacting Towards Progress

The Office of the Sangguniang Bayan of Pilar has been responding to what the town of Pilar immediately needs most. Last year alone, the office was able to generate more than 13 municipal ordinances and 111 resolutions with 39 weeks of sessions and 2 special sessions. Indeed, an impressive number a working municipal council can have.

Among the ordinances that cater the different needs of the municipality such as justice and legal matters, housing and land use, labor and employment, ways and means among others, some of the very helpful resolutions enacted and approved were the Ordinance Implementing the Anti-Littering Regulations for the municipality authored by SB Antonio Pimpinio, Ordinance Requiring the Full Implementation of Parental Responsibility in the municipality by SB Antonio Pimpinio and SB Fatima Elisa Enriquez, Ordinance Prohibiting Spitting in Public Places by SB Edgardo Lulu and SB Antonio Pimpinio, Ordinance Prohibiting Vandalism by SB Antonio Pimpinio, budget ordinances by SB Rodolfo Tallorin and majority of SB members, creation of plantilla positions by SB Gerry Sanchez and majority of SB members, and other vital ordinances for the continuous progress of the municipality.

The office is one with the dynamic and proactive Mayor Alicia D. Pizarro in ensuring that Pilar is journeying towards positive changes, progress, and development. The office staff who have been serving in the office for years now are also helpful and works efficiently to deliver the best service to the Pilarians visiting the office. True enough, the town of Pilar is in good hands when the leaders all work together for the best interest of their constituents. Cheers to the Office of the Sangguniang Bayan and more power!

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