Pilar: Empowering Anti Tobacco Program For A Healthier Community

Last March 13, 2015, the Municipal Health Office of Pilar and the local unit of PNP held a Tobacco Control Orientation at the Conference Room of the municipality. PSINSP Leobaldon Bacon welcomed the participants for the event.

An inspirational message was given by our ever-supportive Mayor Alicia D. Pizarro. She encouraged everyone to share their hearts for this cause to control tobacco use in the town.  She sought the cooperation of everyone to seriously implement the ordinance for the sake of a healthier community.

Dr. Cherrielynne E. Naguit, the very diligent Municipal Health Officer gave an overview of the hazardous effect of smoking. SPO1 Ferdinand Santiago, Pilar MPS oriented those present about the Anti-Smoking Law and Mr. Anthony Ace B. Vicedo, the Tobacco Control Focal Person of the municipality gave updates on Smoking Task Force activities.

Mr. Vicedo sought the help of all Pilarians. As to this interview, he shared, “Hopefully, all the citizens of Pilar will actively cooperate in the implementation of this ordinance. This is not only for the sake of the smoker’s health but for his family as well since the second smokers tend to be more affected by the tobacco smoke they inhale. I hope everyone will give their part in the success of the implementation of the tobacco control municipal ordinance.”

PO2 Edwardson Olila talked about the Municipal Adoption of Provincial Ordinances on Tobacco Control and SPO2 Gilda R. Candido, Pilar MPS, gave highlights on the implementation of the ordinance. She said that the starting point of the 100 meters strict implementation area is the  Flaming Sword, to Don Vicente, to the residence of Mr. Franklin Sangalang in Panilao, and to Flying V Gast Station. This will only be the start as SPO2 Candido seeks everyone to lend to her their eyes to watch for those who will not abide this law. She stressed that starting Monday, March 16, 2015, all local law enforcers in Pilar will be strictly implementing the ordinance and all stores caught selling cigarettes will be fined.

SPO2 Candido also shared that they continuously give lectures in schools regarding tobacco control. They give counseling at the MSWD to students caught smoking. They call the parents during the counseling session. She was happy to share that they are getting positive feed backs for this. She said, “ We are happy that the school and parents are helpful and supportive for this cause. I am also very thankful that our mayor, Mayor Alice Pizarro, is very supportive. She is always ready to help us anytime we call on her for activities and programs like this. We are very encouraged by her enthusiasm and so, we become more diligent in fulfilling our tasks because of her support.”

She also mentioned students from the Don Pablo Roman Memorial High School who are giving out flyers which say “Push mo Yan! Bawal Manigarilyo!” She was glad that these high school kids are helping out in the campaign against smoking in the town of Pilar.

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