Ceremonial Awarding of 2015 BUB Projects in the Municipality of Pilar: Opening Opportunities

Last February 23, 2015, DTI and TESDA awarded to Pilar P1.7M check and P500,000 certificate from DTI and TESDA respectively. The ceremonial awarding took place in front of the Municipal Hall Building during the flag raising ceremony. Present were Ms. Corazon C. Castillo, Provincial Director of  TESDA, Ms. Nora Reclosado from DTI, Ms. Roselle Fernandez, DILG Community Mobilizer, and Ms. Haidee C. Balicolon, LGOO V of DILG-Bataan.

The Municipality of Pilar, through the very diligent and pro-active disposition of our dynamic Mayor Alicia D. Pizarro shared P300,000 for the shared service facilities and   P 500,000 for  the OTOP Store Express both from DTI . The total amount for DTI and TESDA  Projects was P2.5M which will benefit out of school youths and small scale entrepreneurs.

Mr. Bernard Santiago , DILG-Pilar shares, “Hopefully, the beneficiaries will maximize this opportunity. I really hope for the sustainability of these grants and that the beneficiaries will seriously grab the opportunity given them to improve their standards of living.” He stressed that the municipality is always open in finding means to help the Pilarians improve their lives through scholarships and grants. He hopes that the beneficiaries will love the blessings they get for their own sake and betterment.

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