Medical Mission in Nagwaling: Delivering Health to GIDA Areas

The Municipal Health Office visited Nagwaling to conduct a medical mission benefiting 85 children with free laboratory services and free check up 115 residents. The medical mission was headed by Dr. Cherrielynne E. Naguit, the Municipal Health Officer.

Free medicines were also given to the residents of Nagwaling who sought for free check up.These medicines were from the Philhealth fund of the municipality. Others were donated by the DOH.

The team also conducted lectures on tobacco program, anti-malaria, and anti-tuberculosis. The Municipal Health Office is regularly conducting medical missions to GIDA to ensure that all the townsfolk of Pilar can receive proper medical and health attention to ensure their health and well-being.

Dr. Cherrielynne E. Naguit shares, “As much as we can, we would like to reach out to every Pilarian and make sure that they are given appropriate and sufficient health services. We will not tire visiting every area of Pilar especially those hard to reach locations. We are lucky and grateful that Mayor Alice Pizarro is very supportive to such programs. She is always ready to provide whatever we lack so we can deliver the best health services to our fellow Pilarians.”

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