The Municipality of Pilar Commemorates the Philippine Declaration of Independence

                The flag ceremony at the Municipality of Pilar last June 8, 2015 was not your ordinary Monday morning. It was a day of commemoration of the heroes and the brave of this country who fought for our independence.  The municipality celebrated in advance this heroic occasion since June 12, Independence Day is a holiday.

                Our beloved and brave Honorable Alicia D. Piazrro together with the employees and officials of the Municipality of Pilar celebrated Independence Day. It was a heart-warming scene seeing these dedicated individuals from Pilar, the town of valor and bravery reminisce the selfless contributions of Filipino heroes to achieve democracy and autonomy.

                Vice-Mayor Marino H. Caguimbal sent his warm messages to the crowd. He made mention of continuously showing bravery in the midst of chaos the country is facing. Mayor Pizarro greeted everyone with her usual warmth and enthusiasm. She encouraged and inspired her constituents to keep courage amidst life’s storms and trials and keep guard of the independency of the country our forefathers have fought for.

                The Municipality of Pilar Choir warmly serenaded the audience with the song “Bayan Ko”. Jeremy Nisay also sang the song that helped set the mood of heroism and love for the country.  


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