Municipality of Pilar’s Kasalang Bayan

Fifty Three (53) PIlarians Exhanged “I Do” During the Municipality of Pilar’s Kasalang Bayan
Last June 19, 2015, fifty three (53) couples exchanged marriage vows during the Municipality of Pilar-sponsored Kasalang Bayan held at the Bataan Government Center in Ala-uli, Pilar, Bataan. Municipal Civil Registrar Ms. Haidee Gunio with the Local Civil Registrar Staff spearheaded the event which started at 9:00AM until 11:00AM.

Mr. Hipolito “Dhyun” Duque took charge of the physical arrangement and acted as the wedding coordinator. Our beloved Mayor Alicia D. Pizarro was the one to officiate the wedding rites. She meticulously explained what marriage is all about. She inspired the couples to give the most precious gift they can give to each other, love and faithfulness. She gave emphasis on the ultimate purpose of getting married, which is to have a family therefore responsible parenthood is very vital. 

Vice Mayor Marino H. Caguimbal was also present to give his warm wishes to the couples. Mr. Allan Bruno, Statistical Coordinating Officer of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) graced the occasion, too. Mr. Bruno explained that the PSA is now a combination of four (4) government agencies including National Statistics Office. He also explained about the incoming national population census which will transpire on August 1 of this year. He also gave a gist on legitimizing children. 

Finally, Ms. Gunio on her closing remarks thoroughly explained the importance of legitimizing children to the couples. The Municipality of Pilar has sponsored the CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage) of the couples so she encouraged them to make use of it in legitimizing their children. She also made mention of the importance of legitimization to the children and their future.

The Kasalang Bayan is part of the GAD (Gender and Development) Program. Ms. Gunio expressed that the next Kasalang Bayan is targeted to happen on Valentines of 2016.

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