The Barangay Officials,DILG,Sangguniang Bayan Members of Pilar together with Mayor Charlie Pizarro were also present in the awarding of the certificate.
Municipality of Pilar together with DENR- Bataan supports the BATTLE FOR MANILA BAY.
Launching of Disiplina Muna Advocacy Campaign at Municipality of Pilar, Bataan
263rd Bataan Foundation Day. Congratulations Municipality of Pilar. Street Dancing Competition Champion.

3rd ELA Meeting

Pilar, Bataan – The 3rd Executive Legislative Agenda (ELA) Meeting was conducted last September 16, 2016 at the SB Session Hall. The assembly was attended by all department heads, members of the Sangguniang Bayan, Vice Mayor Marino Caguimbal, and Mayor Alice Pizarro.

The meeting began with Mayor Alice Pizarro sharing her experience from the 14th PGS Boot Camp last September 12-14 at Legazpi City, Albay. She explained the value of being a public servant, someone who serves the people. “Ihuhuli na dapat natin and ating sarili” Mayor Alice said. As public servants, government officials should always put the welfare of the people as their priority.

Inspired by the seminar she recently attended, Mayor Alice Pizarro also proposed a new Mission and Vision, and an all new A.L.I.C.E.

A - ng inyong
L - ingkod bayani with

I - ntegrity

C - ompassion
E - xcellence

She discussed how she envisioned a new Pilar through the “Dream Pilar” concept that our mayor formulated. In this concept, Pilar will be known where people are healthy, literate, technologically equipped and God-fearing; a Pilar to which safety is the concern of each one for everyone; a Pilar that is clean, green and ecologically balanced; a Pilar with an economy that is productive, salable and competitive; and with leaders who are firm, honest, and united for a government of the people by the people.

After the Mayor’s discourse, Ms. Ma. Jasmin M. Bartolo (Local Government Operations Officer V) from DILG Bataan, facilitated the formulation of the ELA.

First was the presentation of the proposed Projects, Programs and Activities (PPAs) of the different sectors. The presentation was initiated by Ms. Maricel T. Aquino (LDRRMO II) as she discussed the proposed PPAs of the Disaster/Peace and Order sector. This was followed by the Environmental sector discussed by Engr. Hazel N. De Guzman. Next was the Economic sector that was presented by the Municipal Treasurer, Ms. Fe Sagre. And lastly, Dra. Mary Ellen Enriquez presented the PPAs of the Social sector.

The facilitator discussed that in order to properly decide which PPAs to prioritize, it is important to look at three major aspects: its impact and relevance, if it’s mandated, and its feasibility

The PPAs were ranked based on the following criteria: Urgent (30%), Essential/ Necessary (25%), Desirable (20%), Acceptable (15%) and, and Deferrable (10%). Each sector grouped themselves and graded each PPA based on the given criteria. The result to this became the basis for what this administration will prioritize.

These are the top five (5)s PPAs:

1. Construction/Rehabilitation of Rural Health Unit

2. Conduct PGS (Performance Governance System)

3. Improve tax collection system

4. Installation of EWS (Early Warning System) to identified priority areas:  

  • 2 coastals- Brgy. Wawa, Brgy. Wakas South
  • 1 flood prone- Sitio Laing Brgy. Del Rosario
  • 1 Flashflood prone- Brgy. Pantingan

5. Establishment of LISTO Community to landslide and flood-prone areas

After determining which PPA to be prioritized taken next was the allocation of budget for each proponent. The meeting ended successfully with Ms. Rosario Escoto (MPDC) to be in-charge in finalizing the concluded ELA. 

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