Pilar conducts its first Local Public Revalida

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Last April 26-28, 2017, the Municipality of Pilar conducted a two day workshop for the formulation of the performance scorecard. The scorecard contains the strategic objectives and initiatives to be undertaken by the municipality for the Performance Governance System (PGS).

This is the third step of the initiation stage of PGS with the Institute for Solidarity in Asia (ISA).

For the first day of the workshop, Mr. Luis Martinez, Program Coordinator of ISA for LGUs gave a brief discussion of what PGS is all about in order to reiterate to the participants the purpose of the workshop. After that, the OSM presented the set of initiatives formulated by the Technical Working Group (TWG) prior to the workshop. Mr. Jan Ace Mendoza, Program Officer of ISA for LGUs, then gave a lecture on Strategy Management so as to guide the participants in determining the targets for each initiative. The participants for the first day of the workshop were only the members of the TWG. The following day, other department heads arrived for the workshop to further fine-tune the initiatives and to incorporate other ideas that they may contribute.  

During the revalida proper, the panelists were Gov. Abet Garcia, Mayor Alice Pizarro, Vice Mayor Mar Caguimbal, Mr. Oliver Butalid (Supervising Fellow - ISA), Ms. Isabel Mison, Dr. Bernadeth Gabor, Dr. Marita Navata, and Engr. Mervin Michael Aquino. Also present were Hon. Gerry Sanchez, PSI Jeffrey Onde, Mr. Emmanuel Ramirez (VP - PILTODA), PO1 Alnor Deron, Ms. Darlene Vigo, Ms. Grace Leaño (Provincial Tourism Office), Mr. Ralph Joseph Dizon (Nagwaling Elementary School), Mr. Leo Espinosa (PRNHS) and other department heads.

Mayor Alice welcomed the panelists and participants with a reminder of the importance of the revalida and the inputs from the panelists that will be given after the presentation. The crafting of initiatives with the participants and also including additional inputs from the panel, made the attainment of the vision feasible.  Following the RIMT Workshop would be the Initiatives Planning on May 11-12, 2017.