Initiatives Planning Session

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A two day workshop for the Initiatives Planning was conducted last May 11-12, 2017 at Lou-is Restaurant. In this intervention, Mr. Jan Ace Mendoza and Mr. Luis Martinez from ISA supervised the workshop where the TWG must formulate the Prioritization Matrix for its initiatives, and craft Execution Plans for each of the initiative.

For the first day of the workshop, there was a brief presentation of the initiatives profile. The OSM presented the output from the revalida, which will serve as the basis for the crafting of the Execution Plans. After the presentation, Mr. Mendoza and Mr. Martinez facilitated the prioritization matrix wherein the following criteria are taken into consideration:

  1. Mission Critical - this pertains to the importance or value of each initiative with regards to the attainment of the vision,
  2. Gestation Period – refers to how long it takes for the results to be produced for each initiative, 
  3. Stakeholder impact – the significance that the initiatives will have for the Pilarians,
  4. Resources – the capital needed for each initiative. (ISA. "Prioritization Matrix." 11 May 2017)

After the formulation of the Prioritization Matrix is the crafting of the Execution Plan. This is a crucial part of the workshop because the output to this will serve as the guide of the Vision Aligned Circles (VACs) for their monthly target of deliverables. The Technical Working Group and OSM, together with Mayor Alice Pizarro, worked together in specifying the milestones for every month. They began with the initiatives under the Customer perspective, then Process Excellence, Learning & Growth, Citizen and lastly, Resource perspective.  

Following the Initiatives Planning Session is the Public Revalida of Mayor Alice Pizarro on June 21, 2017 wherein she will be presenting the outputs from all the workshops, starting with the Governance Charter (which includes the Mission, Vision, and Core Values), the Strategy Map, and the future plans of the municipality towards the attainment of the vision.