Meeting with Mt. Samat TEZ investors

With Mt. Samat declared as a Tourism Enterprise Zone (TEZ), Mayor Alice Pizarro together with Mr. Francis Initorio and Arch. Christina Banzon-Enriquez met with Engr. Eusebio Aquino and Engr. Toto Esparas (EBA Construction), and Arch. Aldo Calderon (RLC Designs) to discuss the future developments within the municipality.

Mr. Initorio presented to the investors the benefits that they can attain once they push through with their plans. Mayor Alice also mentioned that with our municipality undergoing the PGS, and having our vision to be the historical-cultural tourism center, there is a need to anchor the development with Mt. Samat. She highly encouraged the investors to create a theme for their project.

The meeting ended positively with the investors supporting the vision of the municipality. (6/12/17)

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