The Foundations of Professional Success: Pakikipag-Usap, Pakikitungo, Pakikiisa

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Last June 29, 2018, the Municipal Government of Pilar together with its partner in the attainment of our vision, Akbay Pilar (MSGC-Pilar), conducted a seminar entitled "The Foundations of Professional Success: Pakikipag-Usap, Pakikitungo, Pakikiisa" at Bataan Government Center Convention Hall. 

Vice Mayor Marino Caguimbal gave everyone a warm welcome and was followed by an inspirational message from Mayor Alice Pizarro. 

The workshop facilitator, Mr. Archie P. Inlong, is known for training business and government leaders, both in the Philippines and in other Asian countries. He discussed the importance of knowing proper communication etiquette beginning with the right way on how to introduce oneself. He mentioned the important three C's in communication, first is clarity, second, consciousness, and lastly, conficdence. These are the things that needs to be remembered in leadership communication. In order to have good communcation skills presence, participation and personal purpose must be recalled.

Mr. Inlong then followed the discussion with to whom must we speak to. He emphasized the importance of knowing who are our stakeholders, especially to our vision, which is to be the historical-cultural tourism center of Luzon by 2020. The facilitator ended the workshop with a test wherein the result was that our LGU is composed of people-oriented employees and officials, hence making our agency more responsive to the needs of our clients. 

Mr. Inlong thanked everyone for participating well and promised that he will be back for more trainings and workshops. 

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