Awarding for VAC Revalida

Last July 9, 2018, the Municipality of Pilar awarded its municipal employees for their outstanding efforts towards the attainment of our vision, Pilar is the Historical-Cultural Tourism Center of Luzon by 2020. 

This year, the awards are given to individuals and to the VACs. For the individual category, each VAC was aked to nominate a VAC member to be recognized as an Outstanding VAC member. The awardees for this award are the following:
-Mr. Ace Anthony Vicedo
-Ms. Aisa Solis
-Ms. Christie Ann Pizarro

For the group category, there are two awards, one is the Best Performing VAC, and the other is the Deadline Beater. For the Best Performing VAC, there are three possible awards, the Gold, Silver and Bronze, depending upon the score of the VAC during the VAC Revalida. This year, there are six (6) Silver Awardees and four (4) Bronze Awardees. Here are the following:

Silver Awardees:
-Research VAC
-Branding VAC
-Investment VAC
-Ngiting Kuntento VAC
-Green VAC
-Tourist Friendly Tricycle VAC

Bronze Awardee:
-Heroes League VAC
-Usapang Kasaysayan VAC
-Orderly VAC

For the Deadline Beater award, these are the VACs who were able to submit the required documents on time. Here are the following awardees.

Deadline Beater:

-Research VAC
-Orderly VAC

Mayor Alice Pizarro congratulated everyone for their tireless efforts and reminded them of the importance of their hardwork which is needed towards the attainment of our vision. 


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