Dunsulan Historical-Cultural Park Visioning Workshop

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Last September 11, 2018, the Municipality of Pilar conducted the Dunsulan Historical-Cultural Visioning Workshop at the SB Session Hall. The workshop was facilitated by Triune Landscape Architecture Studio, who will assist the municipality in crafting a site development plan for the 2.6 hectares around the Dunsulan Falls. 

The workshop began with a brief lecture about what is the purpose of the visioning. Visioning was defined as a way on how the municipality can identify its goals and priorities for the project, and also providing them with a lense on how to kick off the design for the park. The objectives were to agree on the design direction of the project and involve the stakeholders in the planning process to instill a sense of ownership for the plan. 

After identifying the objectives, the program then proceeded with a lecture on what are Historical-Cultural Landscapes and what are the existing design trends. The lecturer also presented similar projects, presenting international parks and also local ones. And in order to involve the participants in the workshop, they were divided into two groups. Each group was tasked to identify the theme that they want for the park, who is the target market, what activities and events would they like the park to host, what would they preserve in the park, what would they want to create as additional facilities or structures for the park, and what they would want to change in the existing facilities. The second workshop tasked each group to create a poster that would represent the park that they envisioned. 

After the workshop proper, each group presented their respective outputs and was thanked by the facilitator as they would use it in creating the design for the park. Mayor Alice Pizarro closed the program by thanking everyone for their active participation and said that the outputs from this workshop will serve as their legacy for our municipality. 


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